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Pioneering wearable technology

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The Challenge

Victoria Bitter never disappoints. Each year, the Victoria Bitter team looks for new ways to keep their loyal drinkers engaged over summer. VB wanted a high quality, ‘must have’ promotional item that would leverage their legacy with cricket and get blokes talking about Victoria Bitter - no matter what they’re up to.

The Solution

Zinc started with a mission- To keep guys talking about Victoria Bitter the whole summer. After a thorough ideation process, Zinc developed the Victoria Bitter Live Watch, a first ever Smart Watch that delivers real time cricket scores, vibrates at major events, plays the VB theme song and of course tells the time. Zinc developed both the hardware and software for the watch- including app design and development.

The Result

The VB Live Cricket Watch promotion is in market from 10th November 2014 until 14th November2015, with further opportunity to win a watch during the World Cup until 29th March 2015.

  • 8,000

    watches up for grabs

Activating like a Bosch!

Connecting tradies to Bosch Blue

The Challenge

Understanding what makes tradies tick is what Zinc does best forBosch Blue. Bosch Blue looks for new ways to connect with tradies in between main seasonal promotional programs and simplify tracking of promotional activity, data capture and reporting of redemption programs.

The Solution

Zinc develops end- to- end solutions for Bosch Blue- including concept, promotional mechanics, POS development, delivery, fulfilment, reporting and analysis of promotional activity. Whether it’s a bespoke promotional item, brand partnership or highly targeted redemption programs, Zinc finds the best way to connect with tradies and drive sales.

The Result

Bosch activations are continually evolving. The below outlines sample results from several campaigns.

  • 100%

    redemption in Bonus GoPro campaign.

  • 45%

    Mobile entry for the Bonus Battery Offer.

Everything is awesome!

Bringing the Lego Movie to life.

The Challenge

With its US opening box office sales reaching over $69 million, the Lego Move was set to be a huge success in Australia. Hoyts Cinemas needed a promotional concept to drive foot traffic to the Candy Bar, generate buzz before and after the film and most importantly adhere to the strict licensing guidelines of the Lego brand.

The Solution

Zinc created a promotional cup inspired by the Lego Movie title treatment complete with the textures, bumps familiar traits of the much loved Lego brand. The design was intended to create a sensory experience and give movie goers the chance to get inventive with their Lego Cups when they got home.

The Result

The Lego cup received an outstanding response from Hoyts customers,

  • 35,000

    units in the first 10 days of sale,

  • x4

    increase in sales rate, a significant uplift on the usual 6-8 week sell through.

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